There’s a better solution to the planned traffic lights on the A21

From: Bruce Neilson, Centurion Rise, Hastings

Friday, 29th October 2021, 9:08 am
Traffic heading towards the Sainsbury's traffic lights on the A21. SUS-210924-114608001

Further to Alan McCann’s letter, (Where are the joined up plans? October 22), regarding the stopping up of Junction Rd and new Whitworth Rd junction onto Seddlescombe Rd North now being replaced by more traffic lights instead of a roundabout as planned which will only cause even more congestion.

He notes viewing this junction on Google Earth shows a roundabout might still be possible. Highways and Hastings BC should however look just a bit wider than this and consider the entire A21/ Junction Rd / Ridge West / Whitworth Rd junction as a roundabout by removing the bridge and dropping Ridge West Rd into a partial cutting so that the A21 and Ridge West are on the same level and meeting at a roundabout allowing a proper traffic flow in all destinations and possibly removing the rat run issues in Maplehurst Rd.

It’s a major undertaking no doubt but no more than that recently completed at Tunbridge Wells’ new junction on the A21 / Retail Park. Access to properties immediately next to, East of the current bridge need careful consideration, but long term and in the best interests of Hastings & St Leonards this is something the feasibility of which ought to be looked at to alleviate the current traffic problems which are only likely to get worse.

Come to think of it HBC has £1.7m burning a hole in its pocket that could be better spent.

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