Surgeries in Hastings are not performing well

From: Steve Wise, Stonefield Road, Hastings

Friday, 21st May 2021, 8:48 am
Updated Friday, 21st May 2021, 8:56 am
What is wrong wth GP surgeries? (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

Will someone please explain what is going on with local GP services. It is almost impossible to get an appointment to see a doctor.

The convoluted system is really not helping.

Phone surgery, wait for the robot to answer and tell you about Covid.

Speak to a receptionist .

Offered a phone call maybe from a doctor.

Diagnosed by phone.

Absolute madness and a backward step.

The knock on effect is to overwhelm A & E and the hospital service in general. The NHS are attempting to catch up on the time spent fighting the pandemic and need all the support possible.

I have the greatest respect for all health care workers having spent 42 years psychiatric nursing

To delay early diagnosis is having devastating effects on cancer patients, chronic pain, infections.

These cannot be accurately diagnosed on a phone and certainly not by a receptionist.

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