Suggestions for better policing

On reading the article in last week’s Observer regarding the police and the cut backs, I have a couple of suggestions to help make the savings required.

Tuesday, 30th June 2015, 8:15 am

Firstly, if the police were to stop the senseless onslaught on drink driving, the facts are that bad driving causes accidents, so instead of wasting time on the few antisocial people that drink and drive, they could concentrate on bad driving in general and thus reduce the amount of accidents.

This of course will not be popular with the force as they love to publish the figures on how many D&Ds they have caught but never release the figures on accidents that do not involve drink drivers, as these figures would show there campaigns as a folly.

Secondly as Mr Webb explained in his article, the police officers are very concerned for tax payers getting value for money. In the private sector it is your responsibility to maintain a level of fitness so as to continue to work until retirement age (for me 67, after 51 years’ work).

It would be my suggestion that all officers work until the national retirement age and be responsible for there own fitness. This would save a lot of money and keep all the experience gained over the length of the service carried out.

If an officer was unable to maintain fitness, they would be allowed to leave the force and once they reached the national retirement age they could then draw there police pension. This letter will not be popular but facts are often hard to swallow.

Graham Bisson

Vale Road, St Leonards On Sea