Proper redress for campaigner from Hastings Labour party is overdue

From: Pam Brown OBE, Linton Road, Hastings

Friday, 2nd October 2020, 8:13 am
22/9/11- Campaigners for the protection of Robsack Meadow present a petition to Hastings Borough Council. ENGSNL00120110923085127

Sarah Stephenson is correct to demand that justice be done to her mother’s memory. Robsack Wood was indeed saved from development by Paddy Stephenson’s efforts which those of us in a position to do so, supported.

Sadly it was the manipulations of the ruling Labour Party that resulted in a protected and beautiful site being developed, when previous Liberal Democrat councillors had recognised the need for this site to remain a protected site and refused to see it built on.

It was indeed Paddy’s persistence that eventually won the day, and I remember so well the delight of all those present at the planning inquiry, when the inspector- after a site visit- and having listened to Paddy’s excellent submission, declared Robsack a local nature reserve.

Only an apology from Labour for their deceit, will properly address the wrong done to a wonderful campaigner, sadly no longer with us.

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