Paydens Pharmacy staff are all heroes

From: Heather Taylor, Kennedy Court, St Leonards-on-Sea

Friday, 25th June 2021, 7:32 am
Paydens Pharmacy/St Leonards Medical Centre SUS-210906-103454001
Paydens Pharmacy/St Leonards Medical Centre SUS-210906-103454001

It is rare for me these days to take pen to paper to write, as I’m very poorly sighted,and it causes me great difficulty.

But I wanted to air my voice on the ridiculous discussion to take the licence away from Paydens Medical Centre on Bexhill Road.

I praise Michelle Crane, for the petition she has set up against the NHS to grant the pharmacy a permanent relocation licence, to dispense medication. Can you imagine a chemist that couldn’t dispense medication?

I would just like to say what Brent and his staff, including the delivery drivers have done for me personally during covid.

From March 2020, when the first lockdown happened, I had to shield due to lung health problems. In February I had my second bereavement in 3 months, and with lockdown due to Covid, all of this had a real devastating effect.

When speaking to Brent or any of his staff at Paydens Pharmacy their concerns for me were genuine. And all the doctors and staff at Carisbrooke Surgery were my lifeline literally for over a year. And I can honestly say that I would never have got through Covid, lockdown and bereavement without the support of Brent and his staff.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart. And please can the Health and Wellbeing Board, please do the most practical thing they can do and give Paydens Pharmacy a permanent NHS licence to dispense from the pharmacy

You all at Paydens Pharmacy and at Carisbrooke surgery are my heroes, and I believe I’m speaking on behalf of a lot of the many other vulnerable people.

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