Music can keep using Zoom

From: Michael Plumbe, The Bourne, Hastings

Friday, 28th May 2021, 9:41 am
Fiona Hosford performed via Zoom

I read with interest Brian Hick’s column on the changes happening to music. Whilst I hope ‘live attendance’ will soon fully resume, I also hope there will be continued use of Zoom and similar facilities.

A little while ago, harpist Fiona Hosford gave a delightful ‘Lounge Performance’ by Zoom. I sent details round to friends, including on a hunch some overseas. Fiona was delighted to receive appreciative comments from Oklahoma, USA, and Brisbane, Australia.

Then again Gordon Stewart gave a wonderful ‘Concert for No One’ using Zoom on the Father Willis organ in All Saints Church. This is now available as a recording and makes great listening. Had this been a ‘live’ recital with the usual audience, it would have been much appreciated by those present but that would have been it.

Zoom also has the advantages that everyone has a good view and can hear well, and the camera can get different shots.

I think the way we hear music, and watch performances of all kinds, has changed irrevocably.

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