It’s unfair to fine retired ladies

From: Carol Paffett, The Hastings & St Leonards, Ladies Miniature Golf Club

Friday, 25th June 2021, 7:37 am
Picture: Kirsty Dawson PPP-210120-141643003

A big moan re: parking in Hastings as a member of a club which uses the putting green in St Margaret’s Road, Hastings, between April and September, it has now been decided to make the car park opposite a pay by phone one,or you can get the app.

Bearing in mind this club has members who are mainly retired people ,this is out of order. A lot of them don’t have mobiles or don’t bring them with them as it another thing to look after.

On June 15 two of our ladies got parking fines. Well out of order as there is no room on the roads in the area to park, and the other car parks were full.

Funny as the named car park only had these two cars in it, I wonder why?

It seems whoever runs these car parks only wants young people to use them, let’s forget about the older generation keeping fit and meeting up with friends .

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