Inconsiderate drivers can hold up traffic for a long time in Hastings

From: Jane Smith, Plynlimmon Road, Hastings

Friday, 16th July 2021, 8:15 am
The narrow roads in Hastings can make it tricky for buses to move over
The narrow roads in Hastings can make it tricky for buses to move over

On 8th July I saw some very strange behaviour from a driver in Priory Road. She stopped her car in front of the bus, as though she expected the driver to back up, instead of pulling into an available space which would have enabled the bus to pass and pull into the bus stop and therefore allow her and other drivers to go on their way quickly.

She started moving her car backwards and forwards, and almost across the road, but made no attempt for several minutes to pull into a nearby space and she was also flapping her hands around, saying things we couldn’t hear and putting on a real show as if to say, ‘Silly me, look what I’ve done’.

The bus driver couldn’t reverse because he could not fully see behind him so he sat calmly until she finally pulled into the space and all drivers were able to continue their journeys.

I am aware of other instances of obstruction in Priory Road and other roads in the area and I am sure it happens elsewhere.

Please would car drivers realise that they cannot expect something the size of a double-decker bus to be reversed safely on a narrow road so, if they can be considerate enough to move briefly into an available space, they and all road users are not held up unnecessarily.

We can all help each other by giving way now and then especially when there is really no other option.

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