High standard of restoration?

I have read with great interest the comments of others with regard to Wetherspoons opening a pub in Bexhill.

Tuesday, 30th June 2015, 8:15 am

The main comments tended to be concern with the lack of parking and noise.

Many of the pubs in the Wetherspoons chain have not got car parks. Hastings has two bus stops and a taxi rank outside and Eastbourne double yellow lines and a traffic warden. Many of the pubs in Bexhill do not have a car park which helps to restrict drink driving!

With regard to noise, it will be from people inside or on the roof garden eating and having a conversations and a good time.

Wetherspoons do not have piped music, the TV, if there is one, has the sound turned off and teletext running. If there is a pinball or gaming machine the sound is also turned off.

The smoking of electronic devices of any sort, is not allowed in all their pubs and has been so since day one of them coming on the market.

I feel sure that restoration of the building will be up to the usual high standard and enhance the look of Western Road.

M Pole

Sandown Way, Bexhill on Sea