Hastings should embrace the natural ‘neglected’ look

From: Michael Plumbe, The Bourne, Hastings

Friday, 4th June 2021, 8:04 am
Areas of long grass can be attractive

Andrew Hemsley makes two points (May 28) I would like to comment on.

He deplores the ‘fighting’ advocated by one local councillor between our borough council and the county council. To me this happens mainly because party politics has been allowed to intrude into local government. I would like to see all councillors being independent. I agree, ‘fighting’ is not seemly in this setting.

He talks of weeds on the streets being sprayed with toxic chemicals. I fully agree that these should never be used and would go further. In some small spots we should let ‘weeds’ grow wild. There are two tiny places for example on The Bourne. When these were ‘neglected’ a few years ago, one had some fine tall grasses. The other was ablaze with poppies (you published a photo I sent in of this). Both were buzzing with insects.

A bit of untidiness can sometimes be so much more pleasant and give a ‘natural’ feel to a town.

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