Footpath in Alexandra Park is an essential route for walkers

From: Bea Rogers, Wellington Square, Hastings

Friday, 9th July 2021, 8:11 am
Alexandra Park in Hastings SUS-200929-153214001
Alexandra Park in Hastings SUS-200929-153214001

I have just received notification of the following proposed order from East Sussex County Council:

“The conversion of public footpath Hastings 113 and part of public footpath Hastings 113a is proposed to ensure that cyclists can enter the park at the western end to link up with the remainder of the proposed route through the park.

“The proposal is to convert the full width of these footpaths to cycle track.

“Once converted theses sections of footpath will be removed from the Definitive Map and Statement.

“The reasons for converting the public footpaths to cycle track are:- for facilitating the passage on the road or any other road of any class of traffic(including pedestrians)”

How can they possibly propose this?

That footpath is an essential walking route for people entering the park at the top end.

It also serves sheltered housing blocks, and I can guarantee the people there will not be riding bikes.

East Sussex County Council will graciously allow pedestrians to walk along there but it will be a dedicated cycle route, quite narrow and with fencing on both sides so you can’t dodge out of the way of a cyclist speeding downhill.

It is a recipe for serious accidents, and will deter many people who need Alexandra Park from even entering it. Do they really hate park users – people with small children and buggies, dogs, and people with restricted mobility - this much? Shame on you, ESCC, and Hastings Council should say a big no to this.

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