Judge put an end to Hunnisett’s twisted mission

THE trial of Christopher Hunnisett for the murder of Peter Bick was both gruesome and disturbing (page one).

It was appalling to hear about the violent death this innocent Asda worker suffered at the hands of Hunnisett, especially as allegations about him being a sex offender were unfounded.

Equally chilling were details about the cold-blooded plan Hunnisett had hatched in his prison cell to rid the world of paedophiles and the steps he took to carry out his twisted mission. What’s more he defended his actions throughout the trial.

It must have been extremely hard to bear for Mr Bick’s sister who sat through the case with her husband at her side. We can only hope she and her family take some solace that justice has now been served.

What also must be difficult for them to come to terms with is that Hunnisett was freed from jail just four months earlier after being acquitted of the murder of 81-year-old Reverend Glazebrook, having served only eight years in prison.

He had never denied killing the clergyman but in a shock ruling, he was cleared of murder and manslaughter at retrial in September 2010 when it emerged the clergyman had sexually abused him.

Despite being a disturbed young man, he was released without preparation and no authority had responsibility for supervising him in the community.

Perhaps it is easy to see the errors of this in hindsight.

Now, at least, we can be certain that this dangerous man who is a threat to the safety of society will be behind bars for a long time.