Is the noise level at Hastings’ White Rock Theatre too loud?

White Rock Theatre in Hastings SUS-180924-105701001
White Rock Theatre in Hastings SUS-180924-105701001

From: David Russell, Ashford Way, Hastings

Another spoilt trip to the White Rock Theatre to see The Greatest Showman, which was not billed as the deceptive children’s pantomime that it was, with hundreds of noisy plastic clappers, but that’s another story.

My concern was the dangerously high level of volume on the audio – way over 100 decibels, with drumbeats which hit us in the face. We left after 10 minutes.

There should be a decibel limiter, which couldn’t be bypassed by visiting performers’ own equipment.

The management is well aware of the problem as we were offered earmuffs.

It was the same at a recent Beatles reunion and I was wearing earplugs.

The guitarist was gesturing to the offstage sound controller to increase the volume.

This behaviour detracts not enhances the pleasure for the audience.

As the nearest place for my wheelchair companion and I was The Bourne, we passed the festival at The Stade, where again the volume coming from a rock band in such a small area was at Glastonbury levels.

The government is concerned about protecting the public from air and plastic pollution, but allows this excessive noise pollution to continue.

No, I’m not a ‘Victor Meldrew’, just an ordinary bloke who’s concerned for my fellow beings.