Is Labour’s promise to close private schools really such a good idea?

Feature on Claremont Senior School. 22/9/14 SUS-140922-152531001
Feature on Claremont Senior School. 22/9/14 SUS-140922-152531001

From: Gordon Mumford, Chitcombe Road Broad Oak

In the first half of the 20th century, both the Communists in Russia, and the Nazis in Germany were quick to harness the potential of the education system in order to indoctrinate students in their respective ideologies.

This manipulation of the education system included closing private schools, rewriting textbooks and retaining only ‘loyalist’ teachers. It is unnecessary to go into detail here, as the facts are well-documented.

In the light of these facts, the Labour Party’s avowed intention to close private schools in this country carries sinister undertones. It is not by chance that strong adherence to Marxist philosophy is current within the party leadership.

The freedom of choice, which is central to the English way of life, is thus threatened. It is apparent that this will be slowly but inexorably eroded.

The forthcoming General Election will be one of the most critical ever known in this country. The electorate will do well to examine the real intentions hidden behind plausible rhetoric.