How to help homeless people in Hastings

Homelessness Stock Image
Homelessness Stock Image

From: Richard Bevis, Eversfield Place, St Leonards

Street People. How Do You Do The Right Thing?

The streets of Hastings and St Leonards have changed in recent years and it is difficult for many of us to know how to cope with the ‘vagrant types’ we encounter.

The problem is often a moral dilemma because we feel compassion and want to help. The rule is… DON’T GIVE MONEY. By all means offer a sandwich, a piece of fruit or a cup of tea but only if you are going to buy it and give it to them.

How can you walk by with a clear conscience? Here is a checklist to appease a troubled conscience and actually help the street people:

• Put ‘FOOD BANK’ on the top of the list each time you go shopping. The Hastings Food Bank website will tell you what they need.

• Make out a charitable standing order for Seaview, our local homeless charity. (via Virgin Giving)

• Volunteer at one of the homeless organisations.

• Donate clothing, toiletries or food.

The Seaview Centre, uphill from Warrior Square Station, provide a healthy £1 lunch to any homeless person. They offer medical help, support in beating addiction, social activity, a gym, showers, washing and drying machines large enough to launder sleeping bags, help into housing, support in claiming benefits, IT support, mentoring, clothing, advice and a warm dry place to be during the daytime.

Support the Seaview Centre and lose your feeling of guilt. And then you can do further good, when you meet a ‘homeless’ person by encouraging them to get 
up to the Seaview Centre and find a better life.

In fact, you could drop in and see the set up and find out what you could do to end the shocking waste that is a life on the streets.