Homeless community should not use promenade shelter in Sea Road, St Leonards

Rough Sleeping in St Leonards.
Rough Sleeping in St Leonards.

From: Patrick Williams, Ganton Place, St.Leonards

I am writing again to highlight the continued presence of the homeless community in the last promenade shelter at St Leonards Sea Road.

I have been in contact with the HBC with regard to this situation and received a reply from John Whittington, Community Safety Manager, who explained that he was aware of the situation but was awaiting an eviction order from the court together with the co-ordination of the relevant bodies (police, sherifs, health/social services, ESCC, etc.).

He also said that the police and street wardens were fully aware of the situation but allowances should be made as the residents of the shelter have numerous problems and issues.

I fully appreciate the social consequences of the continued government cuts and the subsequent constraints put upon the HBC but the consequences of this continued haven of anti social behaviour (public drinking, urination, etc.) is proving to be a deterrent both to the local residents, businesses and tourists who enjoy the area. I hope with publication of this letter that a more positive stance will be taken by the council in light of the stated aims and commitment published by the Hastings Coastal Community Team, Economic Plan under Kevin Boorman.