Homeless community in Sea Road, St Leonards needs support to get re-housed

Rough Sleeping in St Leonards.
Rough Sleeping in St Leonards.

From: Roger Nuttall, Bohemia Road,Hastings

However, I’ve seen little sign of this group acting as a deterrent against tourists.

I visited the beach during a heatwave some weeks ago: the beach and promenade were as busy as one would expect in hot weather; and the homeless individuals I spoke to were friendly and courteous.

I’ve also been down there a few times with a running club, and for Parkrun, and have never encountered any anti-social behaviour.

On the contrary, I’ve witnessed a community of vulnerable people looking after each other through the harshest of times. Street communities tend to be REAL community, like no other, as I’ve written about in my autobiographical book on homelessness, Coming Home for Good, which you might find helpful (available on Amazon).

To disperse this group would be to rob some of the town’s most vulnerable people of vital mutual support.

Homeless people also need all the support they can find to get re-housed in these difficult times in which housing solutions are so few. Patrick, if you’d like to help people like those in Sea Road to move on, please consider supporting Transom Trust, a growing registered charity that’s providing supported accommodation for homeless people in Hastings (email transomtrust@outlook.com).