Hastings taxi driver refuses to take visitors’ suitcases at railway station

22/2/14- Hastings Railway Station SUS-140222-181102001
22/2/14- Hastings Railway Station SUS-140222-181102001

From: George &Beryl Payne, Manor Road, Hastings

On August 23 our son and his Canadian wife arrived at Hastings Station for a short visit to see our family.

Carrying two suitcases he went to the taxi rank and told the driver where he wanted to go. The driver said: “No, l can’t take you!”

Why? ‘Because you have suitcases’. My son said ‘you must be joking’ but no, ‘l will take you, not the cases’.

Shocking! And to add insult to injury when my son took a picture of the taxi license, the driver said: “Do you want a picture of me as well?”

Well after living here for 30 years is that the welcome other visitors get? Our son travels the world in his job and was more than shocked!

The taxi behind did take him by the way and was flabbergasted at the previous driver.