Hastings residents and businesses are responsible to clean up their own rubbish


From: Charles Amstad,St James Road,Hastings

I walked along Queens Road at 9.20am this morning and the amount of rubbish littered across our streets and pavements, outside both commercial and residential premises, is shameful!

The town is trying to market itself as a tourist destination and having watched the shock on the faces as to the mess of a bus load of German tourists as they arrived it’s a wonder that they will ever return– first impressions are everything!

When I read, week after week, countless individuals being fined a minimum of £80 for dropping litter or a cigarette butt this makes a total mockery.

Why is the council not working with these premises to stop this practice of putting rubbish out on the streets the night before a collection?

And if irresponsible business owners and residents continue with this practice then enforcement should follow.

I’ve seen The Haven Tip looking cleaner – people should take responsibility for their own rubbish and if the wind or seagulls mess it up then it’s your responsibility to clean it up (don’t go blaming the gulls please!).

I reported this to the council today and they said they would send in a clean up team – great and thank you – but not at the cost to other tax payers. Fine these people and make them pay, have some pride in the town.

As an ex-Hastings borough Councillor I have never seen the town in such a dirty state in the past 45 years that I have lived here. This is not down to government cut backs, but people being lazy and not having care for their town and their environment.

Come on Hastings, we’re better than this!