Hastings Labour council continues to cut local services but seems to have money for investment projects


From: Stuart Gray, Birch Way, Hastings

How much longer do we all have to suffer the doom and gloom spouted by the Labour council leader every other week in this paper.

He just goes on and on about austerity and cuts in public spending.

Yet this Labour council are very good at finding vast amounts of money.

To firstly close the toilets in the town centre because they said there was a lack of funds to keep them open, yet they have found a vast amount of money to have them demolished and we are now left with a boarded-up ugly building site.

Then, to add insult to injury, they purchased a site in Bexhill Road for which they have then had to pay a vast amount of money to demolish the existing buildings to which, the cost of buying and demolishing these buildings must have been tens of millions of pounds which, according to this council leader, we do not have.

It just amazes me that they can spend all of this money on so called investment projects, yet they say there is no money to cut grass verges around the town.

It must look very attractive to visitors arriving in the town seeing grass at least one metre high, not only on the verges but growing in the gutters around town also.

Then just to add further insult to injury, we read in last week’s Observer that they were banning music at the Blues & Jazz festival from being played after 6pm on the Sunday night.

This is because they say that children have to go to bed at 6pm on Sunday because they say that children have to go to school on Monday. I have yet to see any school aged children go to bed at 6pm any night of the week, never mind Sunday.

I have also learnt that the organisers of the festival had to take continual decibel readings throughout the event, so as to make sure that the noise levels didn’t upset anybody, never mind the fact that right next to The Stade we have a funfair. I would guess they don’t have to take decibel readings at any time.

It seems to me they just cannot resist being Big Brother at all of our music/live events. The Beach concert, or Nearly on the Beach Concert, as it is now known, is a classic example of their meddling.