Hastings beach is starting to look like the tip

Beach Litter 2 SUS-190508-072914001
Beach Litter 2 SUS-190508-072914001

From: Eric Waters, Ingleside Crescent, Lancing

Drop a cigarette end outside Hastings Station or the Priory Meadow shopping centre – the favourite spots for the town’s wardens to hang around – and the chances are that you will finish up with a £220 fine and, on top of that, have to pay £216 court costs.

However, strew your rubbish all over the beach and nothing will happen, other than an article appearing in The Observer under the heading ‘Hastings Beach left in disgusting state over weekend’.

Well done to the local residents who turned out to try and clean up the resultant mess but why, I wonder, did so many people ignore what The Observer described as a high profile poster campaign along the length of the seafront?

They must, surely, have been aware that their actions, or rather non-actions, placed marine life at serious risk, or is it simple the case that they couldn’t care less?

If that is so then perhaps the town’s grandly entitled Council Enforcement Officers (CEOs) can ignore the ‘rich pickings’ around the town centre and station and, instead, start patrolling the seafront, especially at the weekends.

Or do they only work 8am until 5pm, Mondays to Fridays?

I would have thought that the time has now come for the council to ensure that its CEOs work more effectively before it becomes impossible to tell the difference between the seafront, the beach and the town’s rubbish tip.