Glorious music at St Andrew’s Church festival in Fairlight

From: Michael Plumbe, The Bourne, Hastings

Friday, 5th July 2019, 12:37 pm
St Andrews Parish Church in Fairlight SUS-141029-101045001

May I through your paper say a thank you to all those who organised the main part of the Festival in St Andrew’s Church, Fairlight, on Saturday last. We had Andy Gill thrillingly blasting our ears with glorious music from his trumpet, accompanied by Patrick Cox-Smith on the organ, who also played some pieces solo. There was a plethora of art, a spectacular flower carpet, a barbecue and a raffle (I won a voucher for some fish and chips). The friend who kindly took me had his large dog with him, who was popular with everyone. My friend climbed the tower , stopping to play a bit on the carillon on the first landing. Then Dr David Flood, Master of Music at Canterbury Cathedral, gave a delightful concert of old favourites on the organ. It was a quintessentially English summer festival. At any minute, I expected Inspector Barnaby and DS Jones of Midsomer Murders to arrive, ‘making enquiries’.