Flaw with views of councillor

From: Mike Southon, Marina, St Leonards

The flaw with the views expressed by Cllr Dany Louise in her letter printed in your edition of April 12, 2019, is that if she truly believes that she can represent as an independent councillor the unrepresented majority of the electorate, the best way to prove this is to resign forthwith as a councillor.

The by-election that would then follow, would give her the ideal opportunity to stand as an independent candidate, which would then give the unrepresented someone to vote for. And if she was then elected, it would give her the undeniable right to represent the Old Hastings electorate, and immediately put an end to any claims to the contrary.

Any failure by Cllr Dany Louise to undertake this course of action, would clearly show she does not have the moral right to continue as a councillor for the Old Hastings Ward, and her comments in her letter, were I would contend to be mere hogwash.