Festival put local seafood on the map

THE most successful yet, with more than 50,000 visitors, this year’s Hastings Seafood and Wine Festival was also impressive in terms of the number of smiles on faces and empty plates to be seen (pages 16 and 17).

Food envy was also rife with festival-goers eyeing up each other’s plates and asking “Where did you get that?!”

There were rumours flying around the internet that this may have been the last Seafood and Wine Festival.

Fortunately, council leader Jeremy Birch assures us that there is no need to worry, and promises next year’s will be just as successful.

Hastings has built up such a reputation for fish and chips, that Masterchef’s Greg Wallace was in town filming a new BBC show which will follow the classic dish “from plot to plate.”

The TV chef tweeted: “Had no idea how lovely Hastings is. Gorged myself on shellfish. Cockles, whelks, oysters and prawns for breakfast and lunch.”

And so news of Hastings, the not-so-hidden gem spreads further still.