Cyclists should not use pedestrian area along Hastings promenade

seafront cycle lane
seafront cycle lane

From: Jean Wyatt, George Street, Hastings

This last week I have been caught by two cyclists running up into my heels... They were behind me – no, not a panto cry, it was me who cried with pain. They are silent, I didn’t hear them approaching from behind.

You could say it’s a Half Term Hazard but hey, there’s The Source and a specially designed cycle path to share with pedestrians along the promenade. Therefore, there’s no need to use the pavements – it’s laziness and disrespect.

I am of a certain age and after having three Achilles tendon problems in two years; this is definitely something I do not need!

Oh, yes, you’ve guessed it – I got told all the reasons:

“It’s raining, and you can if you don’t have a helmet...” with a few expletives thrown in too!

I said: “Would they treat their Grandmas like this?” – err umm, no reply?!

I was so pleased when cycling become popular but not to the point of this new wave threatening us...

The police say it is difficult as even they do not know whether the council is responsible or the police in some areas; especially near the cinema.

Signs should be more prominent and let’s see some of the new community officers paroling this issue.