Could smart bins improve the litter problem in Hastings an St Leonards?

From: Beth Woolf, Linton Road, Hastings

Friday, 26th July 2019, 1:03 pm
Hastings Litter 1 SUS-190307-071705001
Hastings Litter 1 SUS-190307-071705001

According to the WWF, over 80 per cent of marine pollution comes from land-based activities.

From plastic bags to pesticides – what we do on the shore has far reaching consequences for the sea.

So how can it be that in Hastings and St Leonards we have soiled nappies, bottles, crisp packets, and worse strewn across our streets?

With the council having just last month taken in-house the street cleaning services provided to the town, this is an opportunity to radically reform a frankly rubbish public service.

I’d urge them to consider technology to help sweep up our streets. Smart bins in Croydon have not only helped tackle the blight of litter but helped tidy up council coffers too – with their newly installed smart bins requiring collections four times less than the standard.

The sea is vital to the our town’s health, wealth and happiness.

So shouldn’t we do all we can to protect it and consign the local litter problem to the dustbin of history?