UFOs and the Paranormal with Malcolm Robinson: UFOs... some personal experiences

In previous articles we have looked at cases pertaining to ghosts and poltergeists. In this article we take a look at but some of my own UFO experiences. These experiences helped to fuel the fire of my interest in such matters which I still carry today.

Saturday, 18th February 2012, 7:00 am

Any UFO researcher will tell you that as they progress throughout the years researching this subject one tends to come up with new theories and ideas that will radically change his or her opinions on the matter. I know this to be true, for I too have went through many different stages of ideas and theories as to this elusive UFO enigma.

When one reads the many books available, one finds that there are many theories as to what could be the answer to account for UFO sightings. From time travellers to people visiting Earth from other dimensions. From extraterrestrials to psychic spiritual entities, the list is endless. I’d go as far as to say that the more I looked into the subject, the more sceptical I became, this however changed as the years rolled by!

The fact is, that nearly all UFO reports have natural identifiable explanations (as much as 95%), this leaves only a small 5% residue, this may seem small and insignificant but this figure taken the world over still leaves us with a considerable amount of ‘unidentifieds’.

We have to bear in mind the fact that we could be dealing with some form of rare and yet unknown natural atmospheric phenomenon which when viewed from below could be misconstrued as some form of strange flying exotic craft when all along it’s something entirely natural.

One thing’s for sure though, as one researches this fascinating subject one soon learns that the subject is full of tall tales, inaccurate accounts, and general speculation and half truths. But what makes the subject so worthwhile are those ‘exceptional’ cases which stand up to the greatest of scrutiny and which would convince even the most hardened of sceptics.



I’ll always remember my very first UFO sighting. It occurred way back in my teens when I was around 13 or 14 years of age, this would make it around 1970-71. I always had a great passion for playing football but I was never really good at it. At this point in my life I was still living in the village of Tullibody in Scotland. Anyway, this day my friends and I were playing football in the grounds of Banchory Primary School which faced the back of my house.

This particular day was very warm with absolutely no clouds at all in the sky. We had been playing football for around 15 minutes or so when we decided to stop and have a rest and recuperate in the warm afternoon sun. As I lay on the grass I casually looked up into the sky and was astonished to observe what I can only describe as a ‘white egg shaped object’ which was floating around 200 yards or so up in the sky. I quickly drew the attention of this to my friends and we all looked up together in mild amazement.

Each one of us had our own opinions as to what this might be. Some said that it must be a weather balloon, we had heard about weather balloons but neither I nor my friends had ever seen one. We then thought that perhaps it could have been a child’s toy helium balloon but quickly ruled that out due to the enormous size of this object (probably around 30 feet or so in length).

The feelings of my friends were that this ‘was’ a weather balloon, but for me personally I felt that this was not the case. It looked so strange and majestic in this lovely summer sky. I remember thinking “What can it be, what purpose did it serve”! I then took my gaze from this object for only a matter of seconds but somewhat inevitably in that small space of time between looking away and looking back, the object had gone, it had completely vanished.

My friends and I all scanned the sky in every direction in an effort to locate it, but nothing, nothing could be seen. This then was my first introduction into what would later in life, mean so very much to me. Funnily enough, during my lifetime of UFO Investigating and regularly talking to numerous journalists and television people all who want to know if I’ve had my own UFO experiences I have never ever recalled this incident until now. It is only now that this recollection has come back to me, strange indeed!



I was fortunate that I didn’t have to wait too long to witness my second UFO. I was 15 years of age and was on a family holiday to Skegness in England. It was a Butlins holiday camp. The days were spent either swimming or in the dance hall where I would try and show off some inventive steps of my own, (I think I fancied myself as some kind of John Travolta!) During this holiday, I met a girl from Matlock in Derbyshire and one night we were out enjoying a walk around the complex when I happened to glance up into the night sky and was astonished to witness the strangest object that I’ve ever seen.

I pointed this object out to my girlfriend and she too was open mouthed as we both watched in awe as this strange spectacle moved across the sky. Essentially what we saw was the same as builders scaffolding which one sees at building sites throughout the country. The object (or whatever it was) basically consisted of tubular piping and it was flying slowly and horizontally across the sky. This was an incredible sight against a backdrop of a myriad of stars and to say I was dumfounded would be an understatement, I was absolutely gobsmacked.

There just wasn’t any depth to this object, no solidity; it was just pure piping and ‘nothing else’. What on earth (if you’ll excuse the pun) was driving this thing and keeping it up! There were no lights attached to this object and it continued to travel slowly across the night sky and was eventually lost to our view. Now as a researcher, I have come across many UFO sightings made by others, none of which even come close to what we observed that. So what could it have been? It wasn’t an aircraft, well certainly not one that I was aware of. It wasn’t a helicopter as no sound at all could be heard coming from the object. To this day I remain as puzzled now as I did then when this amazing tubular spectacle crossed silently and slowly across our line of vision.



It wasn’t until a good few years later (around 1982 or thereabouts) that I saw my next UFO. By now my research group Strange Phenomena Investigations founded in 1979 was just three years old and not only were we researching accounts relating to UFO incidents, but we were also involved with ghost and poltergeist events as well. Then of course there was my deep interest in one of Scotland’s most cherished mysteries (or tourist attractions!) the Loch Ness Monster

It was 1982 I was up at Loch Ness with my wife Rose who at this point in time was now well accustomed to my Investigative travelling work. I termed this a ‘working holiday’ whilst she preferred just to call it a holiday. For me this was yet another great opportunity to meet and interview people who lived and worked along the loch side in regards to their own observations of “Nessie”. It had been quite a tiring day and having completed my interviews it was time to retire back to our base which was the camping and caravan site at Invermoriston on the shores of the loch.

After a quick wash and change, my wife and I went out for a stroll down by the loch side where we happened to come upon a party of tourists who were all sharing a camp fire on the shores of the loch. We asked if we could join them and with a resounding “by all means”, sat down. I remember there was an American couple there and also some English tourists as well. We soon struck up a conversation which needless to say centred around “Nessie” herself, the time was around 11:50pm. I remember the night so well, it was a lovely cool evening with a fantastic dark sky peppered with the multitude of heavenly stars in every direction.

Someone threw some logs onto the camp fire and the discussion continued. Listening to what was being said I gazed across the loch and looked at the dark silhouette of the hills on the opposite side of the loch. The conversation was interrupted by an American woman who was sat facing me (I had my back to the loch) who shouted out, “What the hell is that”! I looked at her surprised face and followed her pointed finger in the direction which pointed to the silhouetted hills on the other side of the loch.

I watched what I can only describe as a half circle or a ‘dome shaped light’ which was moving up and down behind the hill at the opposite side of the loch. This was a bright white light which was pulsating. By now everyone in the party was a gasp at this strange spectacle. Now I knew that at this particular spot there were not any houses or roads in which perhaps one could surmise that if it was a car heading up an incline, then perhaps the car headlights may reflect off low lying cloud.

This I knew was not the case. Firstly because there were no roads at this spot and secondly the sky was devoid of any cloud for this effect to have been accomplished. The object continued to bob up and down behind the hill when all of a sudden it completely stopped above the hill, then with a tremendous burst of speed, vanished off into the heavens and was gone in seconds. Silence prevailed, everyone knew that we had witnessed something spectacular and out of the ordinary. I’ve since learned that there have been a number of UFO sightings at Loch Ness over the years.

Space for the moment restricts me from telling you any more of my UFO sightings; suffice it to say we shall take a look at some more of them in an upcoming article. We’ll also have a look at a number of possibilities as to what these UFOs could be. Till then, keep watching the skies.

(c) Malcolm Robinson

(Malcolm’s new book is out UFO Case Files of Scotland (Volume 2, The Sightings) available from www.healingsofatlantis.com)