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There is no doubting that when someone close to you passes away, dealing with everything that follows is arguably the hardest thing that one must do in life.

Friday, 2nd December 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 4:27 pm
Marc and Miranda
Marc and Miranda

There is no doubting that when someone close to you passes away, dealing with everything that follows is arguably the hardest thing that one must do in life. Choosing the right funeral director who will be there to support you, often when you’re at your lowest ebb, is really important.

I don’t often share personal stuff I write in the Observer but earlier this summer, my own mother passed away after a short illness, quite unexpectedly really. In between her passing and the funeral during August I first met with Marc and Miranda who shortly after became clients of thebestof Hastings. I was immediately impressed by the serene surroundings of Sayce & Bull, which I could contrast with a less than sympathetic welcome that I’d experienced as a client myself from the funeral directors (that shall remain nameless) in South London.

At Sayce & Bull, the husband and wife team, have a wealth of personal experience and nothing will be too much trouble. In my case the said South London funeral director didn’t offer to organise the floral tributes, which were very simple by the way, and yet Sayce & Bull will offer to organise this kind of detail, which makes such a difference. Additionally, Sayce & Bull will work with you on the detail of the service itself – planning an order of service – to include important readings or music personal to the one departed.

On the day, as a next of kin and having organised the funeral, your wish is for the arrangements to go smoothly without a hitch – nice weather helps as you say ‘final farewells’ – it is down to the meticulous planning and attention to detail by the funeral director that makes the difference – there’s not a huge amount that they can do about the weather though! To be fair, the guys in London did well on the day – they arrived early (always puts your mind at rest) and we gave my Mum a good send off!

After the day, the tributes continue as family and friends maybe send gifts of money to a designated charity – it’s here too that a very good funeral director will keep the communication channels well and truly open. And of course, when a loved one is cremated there is the responsibility to scatter ashes at a special location – three months on and I haven’t heard a peep from our South London funeral director on this matter – I would have expected them to contact me, which is what would have happened by now had Sayce & Bull been handling our family funeral.

If you should be in the unfortunate position in the weeks or months ahead to lose a loved one locally in Hastings or Bexhill, I’d encourage you to pay a visit to meet with Marc or Miranda – you’ll receive a warm and empathetic ear, and you’ll be able to say your final goodbyes knowing that you’ve given your very best by employing the services of Sayce & Bull.

For more information please contact Marc or Miranda on 01424 730262 or email [email protected]