Bereavement Services

Many of the children who use our service do so for a number of years. However, some use the service only for a very short time at the end of their life, or sometimes the families use our bereavement services only after their child has passed away.

Tuesday, 2nd June 2015, 12:16 pm
Chestnut Tree House Update SUS-150904-142810001

At Chestnut Tree House, we continue with our support for as long as it is needed after a child has died.

We offer two remembrance events –one at Christmas time and one in the summer.

We are just now preparing for our summer event in June. We invite the families who have lost children to these events, which are a time for remembering, supporting each other and meeting other families who have also lost a child.

While families will never forget their loss, they do find ways to move on with the support offered. For some it is about finding the strength to go back into their child’s bedroom, and for others it is making it through a day without crying.

We usually have a theme for the remembrance events and sometimes we release balloons in memory of the children who have died, There is always a cup of tea and a time to chat for the family members who want to. Many families who have experienced loss go on to become close friends with other bereaved families, and this can help a great deal.

I’m proud that we’re able to offer very personalised support to families – no situation is the same, and our staff are trained to help families through the most difficult time in their lives.