Cap the number of Airbnb rentals

From: Cameron Blue, Eversfield Place, St Leonards

Friday, 10th May 2019, 11:02 am

Please don’t think me a misery! But I just want to put pen to paper to air my views and thoughts, as I feel this is now a growing problem in Hastings.

I have written to Amber Rudd about this which in turn she has written to the Secretary of State. Let’s see if anything comes of it?

I just feel there needs to be a cap as to how many properties a landlord can own and rent out as Airbnb in our town.

There are way too many Londoners moving down here now, and not only putting the property prices up, but also rather than doing up and renting to locals who need somewhere to live, they are ‘doing up’ and renting as Airbnb!

I moved away from Brighton 15 years ago as this was exactly the same thing that happened there, it lost its local charm and turned into an expensive little London, full of commuting Londoners, and sadly Hastings is going the same way.

My landlord has nine properties now, more than half are Airbnb, and I now have been told after living here for almost 12 years I am being moved on so he can do yet another Airbnb.

My neighbours above me are from London, as are another two nearby. Rents have gone up to an average of £850 per month and rising.

My argument is, where do loyal locals who are (by no fault of their own) unable to get on the property ladder live? Are we all pushed out of our homes to make way for money-grabbing landlords?

There is no security in rentals now, with fear of being turfed out to make way for greedy Londoners.

What does a local family do, whose children go to schools nearby?

We have feelings too and enjoy being part of the community, and begrudge being moved on to fill greedy landlords pockets.

I really hope that locals who have helped make this town what it is today stand up to this growing problem and add their voices to mine to demand a cap on how many properties a landlord/lady can turn into Airbnb.

I won’t hold my breath, but the more people who put pen to paper the more something MIGHT be done?