Are we getting a good deal with theatre?

IS the town currently getting a good deal with regards to the White Rock Theatre? This is a question that is being discussed by councillors, and a valid one indeed (page 3).

The seeds of positive change in terms of programming and increasing attendance may be being sown, but is this really a venue that the town can be proud of? And this is a particularly important point considering the huge amount of council money that goes into the operation of the theatre.

Regeneration is the buzz-word at the moment, the rebuilding of the pier symbolic of an upturn in the town’s fortunes.

Those behind the pier project have plans for top quality entertainment; it is only fitting that the offer at the White Rock Theatre, directly opposite, matches.

While Bexhill’s De La Warr Pavilion manages to attract many big names in contemporary music and the arts, our own major venue appears to be lagging behind.

In these straitened times, people like to know that their money has been well-spent.

The theatre’s director Howard Barnes calls for the support of the community, and yet for this to happen there needs to be a programme to excite audiences.

Is this currently the case?