The council's spending is accelerating the erosion of reserve funds SUS-181129-070750001

The Labour borough council has bought a huge future debt for Hastings

Despite their claims of hardship, Hastings Borough Council has this year signed up to both a new street cleaning contract and a new bin collecting contract. Both are hugely more expensive than the services they were replacing, with both of the contracts combined costing about £1.4 million more than they were previously.


Steps Hasting Council takes to help curb climate change

A recent report by the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change said that we have 12 years to stop climate change. If we don’t, we risk creating conditions on earth that will no longer support human life. We’re not destroying the planet, nor even life on earth, that will go on for another billion years, whether humans are still here or not. What we’re destroying is the environmental conditions that sustain us.

Blaise is supporting calls to use local businesses

It pays to shop locally

Among my earliest memories are those which involve me being dragged to the shops, kicking and screaming, by my permanently exasperated mother.

Pictured here is our late friend and donor Arthur Green (centre), with his Casserole Club friends, Ed Briggs(left) and Vicky Tremain (right). The three became great friends until Arthur sadly passed away in June. The  Arthur & Doreen Green Fund gave more than 100,000 in grants to Brighton & Hove charities since 2014.

Building caring communities across Sussex

In October, the Government published 'A connected society: a strategy for tackling loneliness', which builds on the work of the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness, set up after the tragic death of the MP in 2016.

Life on Tapp

In defence of the realm

During the next week or so you are going to hear an awful lot about World War One due to the fact we are inching towards the 100th anniversary of the Armistice.
Opening of the Garden of Remembrance, Hastings war memorial. Photo by Roberts Photographic SUS-181029-073537001

Remembering their sacrifice 100 years on

This weekend is Remembrance Sunday, and it is a particularly special one as we celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the end of World War 1. On this day, we commemorate the brave soldiers who fought for our country in the First World War, and particularly those who lost their lives.

Hastings Borough Council have paid too much for the Bexhill Road site SUS-180111-094057001

The Bexhill Road parking lot that cost a lot for Hastings Borough Council

Last month I wrote in this column about the bizarre situation that Hastings Borough Council has found itself in, where it has borrowed millions of pounds to buy the old Peugeot garage on Bexhill Road to build a supermarket for an international company in order to rent it out to them. I received quite a lot of correspondence about this with some keen-eyed readers even checking the land registry to see if the Council had actually bought the land. I’m afraid they have, it just doesn’t appear on there quite yet.

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