One shift = 17 miles for Old Town barmaids

Sarah Brown, Rowena Sloan, Rebecca Carey and Jo Howell
Sarah Brown, Rowena Sloan, Rebecca Carey and Jo Howell

THREE barmaids from a popular Old Town pub raised hundreds of pounds after trying to work out how far they walk at work.

Rowena Sloan, 28, Joanna Howell, 27, and Sarah Brown, 23, all work at The Jenny Lind, High Street, and were curious how far they cover in a normal shift.

So to find out, the trio set out from the pub and walked for seven hours - with just three short breaks - and found themselves just past Beachy Head, a distance of about 17.5 miles.

Last week they handed over a cheque for £900 to Cancer Research, and Miss Sloan said: “Partly we wanted to see how far we walked in a busy shift and thought we would do it in a straight line, but my granny died of breast cancer so we wanted to raise money for research too.

“We hoped we might get about £500 but lots of the customers and our friends and family all sponsored us and we were thrilled to raise as much as we did. It was a fantastic amount.”