On December 13, the East Sussex Fire Authority will meet to decide upon the future of the Ridge Fire Station in Hastings after a public consultation

Cllr Phil Scott
Cllr Phil Scott

TODAY the Observer lists the names of the 18 councillors are tasked with making one of the biggest decisions of their careers.

The members of the East Sussex Fire Authority will decide next month whether to sanction the downgrading of the Ridge fire station.

Cllr Phil Scott, representing Hastings, was the only member who voted against the issue going to consultation.

He expects to stand alone again when the final debate is heard at East Sussex Fire & Rescue headquarters in Eastbourne on December 13.

During the 12 week consultation period so far, there have been two petitions, two public meetings and a mass rally. The Save Our Fire Station petition has attracted 5,000 signatures.

Chairman John Livings told The Observer he prefers to receive individual comments rather than petitions and welcomed opinions and thoughts from residents.

Cllr Scott said. “Hastings is a deprived town.

“With deprived communities you would imagine they would benefit from increased resources.

“Withdrawing resources and downgrading fire stations close to communities identified as high risk by the fire service itself does not make any sense.

“Some of the most vulnerable families and households will be put at further risk as attendance times are increased.

“I would urge residents to let councillors know exactly what they think.

Chairman John Livings, Conservative, cllr.john.livings@eastsussex.gov.uk Borough:Lewes

Vice-chairman Paul Sparks, Liberal Democrat, cllr.paul.sparks@eastsussex.gov.uk Borough:Wealden

Councillor Bob Carden, Labour, bob.carden@brighton-hove.gov.uk, Borough:City of Brighton & Hove

Councillor Ben Duncan, Green Party ben.duncan@brighton-hove.gov.uk Borough:City of Brighton & Hove

Councillor Terry Fawthrop, Conservative, cllr.terry.fawthrop@eastsussex.gov.uk Borough:Hastings

Councillor Beryl Healy, Liberal Democrat, cllr.beryl.healy@eastsussex.gov.uk Borough:Eastbourne

Councillor Carolyn Heaps,Liberal Democrat, cllr.carolyn.heaps@eastsussex.gov.uk Borough:Eastbourne

Councillor Philip Howson, Conservative, cllr.philip.howson@eastsussex.gov.uk Borough:Lewes

Councillor Martin Kenward, Conservative, cllr.martin.kenward@eastsussex.gov.uk Borough:Rother

Councillor Pat Ost, Liberal Democrat, cllr.pat.ost@eastsussex.gov.uk Borough:Lewes

Councillor Brian Pidgeon, Conservative, brian.pidgeon@brighton-hove.gov.uk Borough:City of Brighton & Hove

Councillor Stephanie Powell, Green Party, stephanie.powell@brighton-hove.gov.uk Borough:City of Brighton & Hove

Councillor Sven Rufus, Green Party, sven.rufus@brighton-hove.gov.uk Borough:City of Brighton & Hove

Councillor Phil Scott, Labour, cllr.phil.scott@eastsussex.gov.uk Borough:Hastings

Councillor Carol Theobald, Conservative, carol.theobald@brighton-hove.gov.uk Borough:City of Brighton & Hove

Councillor Roger Thomas, Conservative, cllr.roger.thomas@eastsussex.gov.uk Borough:Wealden

Councillor Sylvia Tidy, Conservative, cllr.sylvia.tidy@eastsussex.gov.uk Borough:Wealden

Cllr Joy Waite, Conservative, cllr.joy.waite@eastsussex.govuk Borough:Hastings . For more information visit: www. savetheridgefirestation.weebly.com