‘On benefits? Your CV is going in the bin’, jobseekers are told

A job advert posted on Facebook, telling jobseekers that applications from people on benefits would be ‘going in the bin’, has been branded ‘derogatory’ and ‘insulting’.

A member of staff from the Hastings Garden Centre took to the social networking website in a bid to find a new cook for the centre’s cafe.

But the advert, posted on The Bexhill-On-Sea Group, contained the line “if you are in receipt of benefits your application is going in the bin”, prompting outrage from fellow Facebook users.

The ill-advised and unofficial job advert was quickly removed from the site, but not before many had expressed their anger and disbelief over the comment.

Lisa Giddon said: “How horrible, what about genuine people on benefits because they want a job?”

Alan James added: “I have just had to claim JSA after 11 years continuous employment.

“It is quite degrading being scrutinised by the job centre on your efforts to find work.

“His post was derogatory towards benefit claimants, insulting and infuriating.”

Meanwhile Colin Boylett observed the post demonstrated ‘how to lose potential customers in one easy lesson’.

One Facebook user pointed out to the man, named on the site as Gavin Oram, that he may wish to reword the advert.

But he was unrepentant, saying: “It’s not getting reworded. I already have my books full of benefit claimants and don’t need any more.”

Nicola Smith responded: “Let’s hope you don’t end up on benefits in the future for whatever reason and unable to find work.

“What a horrid thing to do.”

Wyevale Garden Centres, which runs the Hastings Garden Centre in Bexhill Road, St Leonards, has apologised for the comments.

A spokesman told the Observer that the views expressed by the member of staff on Facebook did not represent the view of the company.

Jason Danciger, food and beverage director of Wyevale Garden Centres, said: “Wyevale Garden Centres would like to apologise for the comments made by a colleague on The Bexhill-On-Sea Group.

“The views of the individual in no way represent the views of Wyevale Garden Centres and we are sincerely sorry for any offence these comments may have caused.

“Our recruitment and selection policy states ‘All candidates who apply for jobs will receive fair treatment and will be considered solely on their ability to do the job’.

“We are investigating this internally and will take the appropriate management action.”