Olympic chance for Eastbourne’s new performers

PERFORMERS from all over Eastbourne are being encouraged to volunteer to take part in the opening and closing ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Eastbourne Borough Council is urging performing arts groups, music groups, dance schools and sports clubs to put themselves forward.

But applicants need to hurry because the closing date is Wednesday, August 31.

Councillor Neil Stanley said, “Next year’s Olympic Games present a fantastic opportunity for Britain to reach a worldwide market.

“And there are so many ways for people to get involved and really make the most of the greatest sporting event taking place on our doorstep.

“We’re very keen to maximise opportunities for Eastbourne to benefit the occasion next year.

“Not only will the 2012 Games bring additional tourism to Britain, which we will be eager to make the most of for Eastbourne, but the Games also offer ways for our residents to get involved themselves.

“The chance to take part in the opening and closing ceremonies, which will be broadcast all over the world, really is an opportunity not to be missed!”

Organisers are not asking for any previous performance experience but plenty of enthusiasm, energy and personality.

For more information go to ww.london2012.com/ceremoniescasting and complete the online application form.