Old Town roadworks to finish at Christmas

A THREE month long project to repair a retaining wall along an Old Town road is on course to finish next month.

East Sussex Highways engineers have been working on the site in Harold Road since August.

Next Friday one lane is due to re-open with two way traffic lights in operation to enable the work to be completed. The road is expected to fully reopen by December 25.

Engineers have installed 38 concrete piles to support a six metre high retaining wall in Harold Road which has replaced an existing structure which was in danger of collapse.

Crews are now working on installing the last of a series of 12 metre long steel anchors to support the piles. The wall will be faced with bricks and blocks then capped with a concrete beam to complete the works.

The work was started after cracks began to appear in the retaining wall earlier this year.

Engineers expect to complete the project by Chirstmas with the road fully reopened. Tim Fletcher, spokesman for East Sussex County Council, said: “The reopening of both lanes is later than the original programme as the complexity of the scheme has resulted in progress being slower than expected.”