Old Town in the running for ramblers’ new award

editorial image

A Hastings Old Town resident is appealing for votes as the area is in the running to win Britain’s Best Walking Neighbourhood Award, launched by the Ramblers on February 26. It is one of ten areas to make it to the final public vote in the new award, which celebrates the places that put urban walkers first.

Anthony Slack, long-time Hastings Old Town resident, nominated his neighbourhood for the award. He said: “Whether it’s simply to visit local shops and restaurants, to go to the doctors’ surgery, to the local cinema, theatre, or just admire our historic buildings, walking is usually the best way to do it in Hastings Old Town. The well-maintained green spaces, the sea views and pleasant places to stop and socialise, all combine to make Hastings Old Town a fantastic walkable community.” To vote visit: www.ramblers.org.uk/votehastings

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