Nursing home defends service after damning report

Castlemaine care home, Hastings SUS-170928-122255001
Castlemaine care home, Hastings SUS-170928-122255001

A St Leonards nursing home has defended its service, saying a damning inspection report is not a ‘true reflection’ of its current situation.

Castlemaine Care Home, in Avondale Road, was inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in May and rated as ‘Inadequate’ due to breaches of healthcare regulations. This rating became public on September 14 after the watchdog published its inspection report.

In their report inspectors criticised ‘lack of managerial oversight’ and the home’s failure to identify the breaches in regulation found during their visit, recommending Castlemaine remained in special measures, where it had been since November 2015.

However, owners say the service has made major improvements since the March visit, having appointed a new leader in June and addressing many of the CQC’s regulatory concerns.

Prashant Patel, who is director of Castlemaine’s parent company Alpha Care Health Group, said: “Since [the March inspection] we have had a new inspection team visiting to establish a new baseline for our services under a new management. We are confident significant improvements have been made at Castlemaine services, which were acknowledged verbally by a new lead inspector recently, [and are] waiting for a new report from the CQC.

“Staff and a new management are working hard with total dedication to ensure that Castlemaine is providing the best possible care with the resources that we have. We would to take this opportunity to reassure all our families and service users to have confidence in our services. The way we are dealing with our setback is to look forward and re-establish our services and be successful with forward and positive thinking.”

According to Mr Patel, the CQC revisited Castlemaine on September 13 – a day before the report was published – and that the new report is to be published soon.

The CQC confirmed inspectors had returned to Castlemaine earlier this month and that a new report is pending.

Deborah Ivanova, deputy chief inspector of adult social care in CQC’s South region, said: “It is important that the people who live at Castlemaine Care Home can rely on getting the high quality care which everyone is entitled to.

“Inspectors visited the service in May 2017 and found this service was failing to provide the level of care people should be able to expect. We subsequently rated the home ‘Inadequate’ and the home remained in special measures where it has been since November 2015.

“Inspectors returned to the service on the September 13 to check if significant improvements had been made according to their action plan. The report will be published in due course.

“We believe that people using the service are entitled to receive safe, effective and high-quality care that meets their needs. Our priority will always be the safety of people using health and social care services.”

The full CQC report is available here.