Nurse saved from choking to death in bar

A NURSE has told of the terrifying moment she thought she was going to die when a piece of meat became stuck in her throat during a meal.

Jenny Wratten, 56, of All Saints Crescent, had just started eating her steak pie at Porters Wine Bar when she started choking around 1.30pm last Thursday.

She was with her sister Sarah, 51, and her seven-year-old daughter Laura who were visiting from Teddington. Her 13-year-old nephew Joe was also at the table visiting from Newbury, Berkshire.

After her second mouthful, Jenny started choking and could not breathe. Joe jumped across the table and started thumping his aunt on the back.

Then a man who was sat at another table ran across and performed the Heimlich manoeuvre where he put his arms around Jenny’s chest and thrust hard forcing the object out. Her only injuries were bruised ribs.

Jenny, who works at St Michael’s Hospice, said: “It was a terrifying moment, I thought I might die if this thing didn’t come out.

“I was starting to feel very light-headed. I couldn’t breathe. Joe tried his best to get it out but it was the diner who I can’t thank enough. He flew across and got me into the Heimlich manoeuvre. After four or five hard squeezes the meat came out and I was so relieved. It was a very dangerous situation. I could have died. I can’t thank the man who came to help me enough. He is a real hero.”

Karen Thompsett, who was working in the bar at the time, said: “The diner said he’d never done the Heimlich before but had seen it on the TV. He did a fantastic job and was a real hero.”