Novel chat up line results in sixty years of wedded bliss

John and Pauline Day on their wedding day, June 23, 1956 SUS-160615-142124001
John and Pauline Day on their wedding day, June 23, 1956 SUS-160615-142124001

Hastings residents John and Pauline Day will celebrate sixty Diamond years of wedded bliss with a family meal at the Brickwall Hotel, Sedlescombe, this weekend.

The couple have lived in the local area for most of their lives and fate brought them together when they were still at school.

John, 82, lived in St Albans before moving to Staplecross. ▪Pauline, 82, lived in Harrow Lane in a house that in later years she purchased with John from her parents.

John and Pauline (known as Polly) attended Tower Road School, St Leonards and, though they both knew each other by sight, their first meeting was when John played cricket for Staplecross against Pauline’s Dad.

A short time later smooth talker John invited Pauline (nee Gower) to go out on a date using the novel chat up line: “Would you like to go out with me?..I have got nice motorbike.” The foundation was set for the future and the happy couple were married in St John’s Church, Hollington on June 23, 1956▪.

Pauline worked as a bookbinder for Parsons in the old Observer offices until leaving to start a family - a family which has grown to include son Nigel, daughter-in-law Jayne, Nick and Amy, Lisa, Martin and Victoria, Louise, Ryan and Maisie Clare, Gary and Ellie.

Son Nigel says his parents had one slight glitch when ▪his Dad returned home from work one day to find that his Mum had sold a motorbike they had for sale. “This pleased Dad.. until he discovered Mum had sold it for a fraction of its true worth,” he said, adding: “My parents say their secret for a long marriage is to accept when you are in the wrong...which for Dad is most of the time..!”