Next stop, The One Show

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Shoppers on a coach trip to Belgium had more than they bargained for when TV personality Dom Littlewood and crew joined them on their excursion to film for the BBC’s The One Show.

Peter Warren, proprietor of Barcroft Coaches, St Leonards, said he was surprised and delighted when he received a call from the BBC production team saying they would like to accompany shoppers on one of their day trips to Belgium.

He said: “They asked if they could join the coach at Ashford to talk to passengers on the outward journey, follow a few people in Belgium as they did their shopping, talk to some of the shop keepers in the town of Adinkerke and find out what the attractions were.”

Barcroft coaches have been operating day trips for the past fifteen years and Peter says the trip to Belgium is a particularly popular day out which attracts all age groups.

He said: “It’s mainly people aged 30 plus who take the trips; some are in their 80’s and we have a lot of regular customers, but there are also some children.”

Peter says with a journey time to Belgium of just over 4 hours, it’s a day that isn’t only about shopping for bargains, chocolates or unusual gifts. He said: “The majority of people take the trip mainly for a day out.

“Along with three hours in Belgium, they have 105 minutes on the ferry where they can have lunch and stretch their legs - it’s an all round relaxing day.”

The filming continued on the return journey as Dom Littlewood, best known for naming and shaming unscrupulous bodge job artists in ‘Cowboy Builders’ caught up with passengers and asked about their day.

Peter, who took to the wheel and drove the coach on the trip to Belgium, said his day trippers had didn’t mind being filmed at all. He said: “There were no objections from passengers, in fact they were pleasantly surprised and it went down well.”

He added: “I did have a long discussion with Dom Littlewood and the film crew off camera. They were very nice and asked me loads of questions about our company and the trips including that they were good value for money at £28.”

The trip to Belgium was shown on The One Show - a live magazine show hosted by Chris Evans, Alex Jones, and Matt Baker - on Tuesday October 28.