New speed limit for Old Town to meet local residents’ concerns

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A SPEED limit of 20mph looks set to be imposed on all but one Old Town road.

Only the A259 will escape the reduction if, as expected, the county council plans get the go-ahead.

An anomaly at the top of Barley Lane, which runs up to the back of the East Hill, will also be addressed - with a strange 60mph limit being dropped.

And the top of High Street will be made two-way between Torfield Close and The Bourne.

Councillor Jeremy Birch suggested the changes back in 2009 after locals contacted him with concerns about the danger of speeding cars.

And Cllr Birch, who is leader of Hastings Borough Council, hopes those same people will make their feelings known during a four-week consultation period.

He said: “This idea came about because people living in the Old Town and nearby businesses told me they wanted the speed limit reduced.

“It came from the residents and I am sure many will be very keen to see it introduced.”

Councillor Birch urged anyone with an opinion - positive or negative - to get in touch with Hastings Borough Council before March 11 to have their say.

Objections can be made online, or in writing to Rasoul Shahilow, Head of Parking and Highways, Aquila House, Breeds Place, Hastings.