New project to prepare students for bright futures

A NEW course has launched which aims to bring together students from The Hastings Academy and Pestalozzi Trust.

Fifteen young people from The Hastings Academy have been chosen to take part in the Eggtooth Project, which will involve educating and inspiring young people from around the world and Hastings.

The three-year therapeutic and experiential learning course for Years 9 to 11 starts in September, and aims to equip the students with skills they need to fully engage with their education, their lives and their future.

The partnership with Pestalozzi International Village is an integral part of the course.

A number of their talented and academically gifted students from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nepal, India, Tibet and Uganda will work alongside the Eggtooth students.

They will share their stories about their education, their hopes and their future goals.

Course leader Sally Greig said: “We are delighted that The Hastings Academy, along with a generous contribution from the Magdalen and Lasher Charity has committed to this project for the next three years.”

For the first year the students will spend one day a week at Pestalozzi Village in Sedlescombe or at The Stade in Hastings.

During years two and three the students are back in school full-time and the Eggtooth team will coach them as a group and individually to make sure they are still on track and achieving their potential.

Led by Sally Greig and Laura Clarke, the course incorporates the skills of a psychotherapist, Ben Mooncie, a teacher and outdoor learning specialist, Graeme Lazell, a leadership and management consultant, Joel Greig and trainee facilitator, Billie Fry.

For more information on the Eggtooth project, email Sally Greig at