New project helping people to reduce their food bills

Bags of Help Project SUS-180130-114959001
Bags of Help Project SUS-180130-114959001

A New project in Hastings is helping people reduce their household food costs whilst cooking up a storm!

Bags of Taste is a not for profit organisation that has changed the way cookery classes are delivered by working with people in, or at risk of, food poverty to improve their diets, by teaching them to cook great recipes costing less than £1 a portion.

The hands on lessons run for 4 weeks at a time and are completely free to anyone wishing to join.

Participants learn recipes that are cheap to make, exciting and complex to eat as well as being healthy. Eating delicious food doesn’t mean having to use the most expensive ingredients or cooking for hours on end.

Classes show students where to find healthy, inexpensive ingredients and give tips on food waste.

After everyone has cooked and eaten together they provide a bag with everything they need to recreate the meals for four people again at home.

Founded by Alicia Weston, Bags of Taste has been running in London for four years and has expanded to Hastings where Savannah Karr is currently running a course at Ore Community Centre. The courses take place on Friday mornings from 11am - 1.30pm.

Savannah said: “Our model is really a positive intervention which has proven to result in exceptional long term behaviour change, with the added bonus of reducing household debt significantly.

“If you know of anyone who would benefit from either volunteering or participating as a student then they can get in touch with me or 07880926231.”

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