New firm football league to kick off in the spring

Firms in Bexhill and Hastings are being urged to sign up for a summer football league.

Exclusively for professionals and businesses, the Hastings and Bexhill Business League starts on May 5.

Matches will take place on Tuesday night at Bexhill College, with kick offs at 7pm and 8pm.

The 54-minute games will cost each team £35 per week.

The league is being billed as a chance for professionals to network, as well as get fit and enjoy the chance to participate in a team sport.

The company behind the league, Firm Balls, also runs other opportunities for businesses to get involved in sporting activities.

Today (Friday) Firm Balls will be running a Corporate Golf Tournament at Mid Sussex Golf Club.

And new for 2015 is Soccer Bowl, the only six/seven aside league dedicated to teenagers (14-16).

Games will take place at the Eastbourne Sports Park.

For further information about the Hastings and Bexhill Business League - or any other sporting opportunities offered by Firm Balls - please email