New club for novice runners

A RUNNING club for absolute beginners has been set up for budding athletes.

Falaise Fitness Centre, based in Cambridge Road, devised the new service for those who have recently taken up the sport as well.

It is designed to encourage people to start running and offers support and guidance in those early weeks as their fitness and confidence develop.

The running club meets twice a week on Fridays at 11am and Sundays at 4pm and is taken by Sam Hart.

Nicole White, manager of Falaise Fitness Centre, said: “Locals will know that the town has a good choice of running clubs for more experienced or competitive runners.

“We are delighted to have the backing of Run England to launch this club and they have given valuable advice and training for us to share with our members.”

The club runs for about an hour at each session and new runners are encouraged to go at their own pace and build up their speed and distance gradually.

The runs take in a variety of routes, occasionally including some beach running.

To book in for a session, call 01424 457692 or turn up 10 minutes before the run is due to start at Falaise Fitness Centre. Cost is £2 per session.