New bar’s bid for licence to come under spotlight

The Electric Stag
The Electric Stag

A NEW bar in the town centre has applied for a licence to provide live music and entertainment seven days a week.

The Electric Stag, on the site of the Old Street Bar in Robertson Street, wants to be able to play recorded music at its venue every day from 6am to 4am and supply alcohol from Monday to Saturday, 11am to 3.30am and Sunday, from noon to 3.30am.

It also wants to have opening hours of Monday to Sunday from 6am to 4.30am.

But police and Hastings Borough Council (HBC) are concerned over the potential of increased noise and disturbance in the town centre.

The application has been made by consultants Licence Us on behalf of Aslit Ltd.

David Bell, the council’s principal environmental health officer, has written to Bob Brown, the authority’s licensing manager.

He said: “I have serious concerns about the implications of a premises licence being granted to the Electric Stag. I have long had concerns about the general noise climate in the town centre during unsocial hours, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

“I consider the town centre to continue to have an unsatisfactory noise climate as a result of music breakout and the noise of revellers outside premises and in the street in general.”

He said the application involved very long opening hours with recorded music being played seven days a week.

Mr Bell said he recommended that the licence be refused.

Chief Inspector Heather Keating, district commander for Hastings, has also written to Mr Brown at the council recommending the application be turned down for similar reasons given by Mr Bell.

Councillors on the council’s licensing sub-committee will be discussing the Electric Stag’s application and make a decision on Monday, July 16.