New appeal to find carers for children

A MAJOR new publicity campaign to find families and carers for children in need is being launched by East Sussex County Council.

Under the banner of ‘Could you fill this space?’ the authority is looking to reach residents who might be able to help a child in care.

It needs new foster parents who can look after a child in care either in the short term or for a longer period, as well as potential adoptive parents who could provide a child with a long-term home.

The county council also wants families that could provide a short-term home and help to older children, or carers for children with disabilities.

The campaign, which launches this week will include radio adverts, banners and posters in local communities, and a special website providing a range of information about the ways people can help ‘fill a space’ in a child’s life.

Residents are being urged to visit to find out more. They can also ring a special campaign hotline that has been set up on 01323 464129.