Neighbour praises ‘hero’ policeman who chased down car thief gang

AN off-duty policeman has been hailed a hero after chasing down a gang trying to steal a car.

The officer – who cannot be named because of his job but who serves in Eastbourne – acted after seeing the group pushing his neighbour’s blue Peugeot 205 down Park Way on Sunday night.

He sprinted after them and managed to grab one of the men while he phoned local officers.

They were on the scene within minutes and arrested a second suspect.

Neighbour Dudley Butler who saw the drama unfold was full of praise for the officer.

“He was remarkable,” he said.

“This is a quiet residential area but these youths were running amok on Sunday night acting very suspiciously.

“We saw them pushing the car away because they didn’t want to make much noise and our neighbour who is a policeman was outside and on the phone immediately.

“He ran along shouting at them and managed to grab hold of one of them.

“He is a local hero – they were big guys and towered over me.

“I don’t know if he had his slippers on but he was straight out there.”

The car was found to have been hotwired and a 23-year-old man and a 16-year-old boy were both arrested.

They have been bailed while the investigation continues.

PC Wendy Catt of Hastings police would like to hear from anyone who saw the incident – she can be contacted on 0845 607099.